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Graduate School


Located below are different forms for faculty and staff, master's students and doctoral students. If you are part of those groups, please look for your form in that area. 


Nomination for Membership and/or Certification

Nomination for Non-Graduate Faculty to Teach Graduate Courses

Request for GTA Tuition Payment (DOC)

Nomination information & form for Presidential Doctoral Scholarship Program

Nomination information & form for Timothy R. Donoghue Graduate Scholarship



Checklist for Master's Students

  • Coursework Only Option (PDF)
  • Thesis/Report Option (PDF)

Final Examination Course Revalidation (Word) (PDF)

Program of Study Course Revalidation (Word) (PDF)

Current K-State Master's Student Continuing for a Doctoral Degree (same curriculum) DOMESTIC (PDF

Current K-State Master's Student Continuing for a Doctoral Degree (same curriculum) INTERNATIONAL (PDF

Graduate Student Exit Survey


Checklist for Doctoral Students (PDF)

Final Examination Course Revalidation (Word) (PDF)

Program of Study Course Revalidation (Word) (PDF)

Survey of Earned Doctorates

Graduate Student Exit Survey


Special Enrollment Access Request Form - Undergraduate students requesting to take courses for graduate credit and graduate students requesting to take courses for undergraduate credit.

Request for Non-Resident Tuition Waiver - Graduate Assistantship Terminating Prior to End of Student’s Final Semester (PDF)

Notice of Grievance (Word) (PDF)

Certificate of Translation (DOC) - A request to have official documents translated

Graduate Student Parental Leave Academic and/or Employment Accommodation Application (Word, PDF)

  • Academic Accommodation Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
  • Employment Accommodation Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Departmental Work Life Grant Application (Word, PDF)


Electronic Form Submission 

Graduate School student forms can now be submitted electronically from the student form dashboard at this link. These forms are not savable and must be filled out completely and submitted in one session.