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Graduate Student Ambassadors

Who are Graduate Student Ambassadors?

K-State Graduate Student Ambassadors are a diverse and supportive group of current K-State graduate students available to share their experiences with prospective students and provide campus tours. They come from a variety of academic disciplines, from large cities and small towns all around the world, each with a unique perspective. 

Why should I contact a Graduate Student Ambassador?

If you are considering K-State for graduate studies, connecting with a Graduate Student Ambassador is a great way to learn about graduate student life directly from a current K-State graduate student. Below are examples of the types of questions ambassadors can address:

  • What resources did you use to find housing in Manhattan?
  • What was the biggest challenge for you to transition from undergraduate to graduate student life?
  • What do you like best about living in Manhattan?
  • As an undergraduate, I was very involved in leadership and student organizations. What opportunities are there for graduate students to get involved at K-State?
  • How much does it cost to park on campus, and is it difficult to find parking?
  • I will not have a vehicle with me. What options are there for getting around campus and around town?
  • What resources are available to help international students adjust to American culture and feel welcomed at K-State?

These are just a few examples of the types of questions our ambassadors can address. You are likely to have many other questions about graduate student life that you are welcome to send to an ambassador. 

Are there questions Ambassadors cannot answer?

Graduate Student Ambassadors can answer only very limited questions about application and admission requirements/procedures and funding opportunities.

  • Who can answer these questions? It is best to send these questions to your graduate program of interest or to the Graduate School (grad@ksu.edu). 

  • Please DO NOT send your test scores, transcripts, CV or resume, or other credentials or application materials to Graduate Student Ambassadors. They are not in a position to review these materials and are not able to inform you of whether your credentials are acceptable for admission.

Explore Ambassador Profiles and Begin a Conversation!