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Graduate School

Electronic Theses, Dissertations, and Reports

Electronic Submission

All K-State graduate students are required to submit an electronic version of their thesis, dissertation, or report. The Graduate School does not accept paper copies.

Open Access

Electronic theses, dissertations, and reports (ETDR) submitted by K-State students are openly available through the K-State Research Exchange (K-REx) and are indexed by Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines. For information on copyright and your ETDR (such as how to legally reuse others’ works and what to do if you want to publish sections or chapters of your ETDR with an academic journal), please visit Copyright Information for Graduate Students.

Formatting your ETDR

Your ETDR must follow specific formatting guidelines. The ETDR Handbook outlines these requirements. The ETDR Handbook (pdf) and other tools and resources in this site demonstrate how to correctly format your ETDR to meet Graduate School requirements. ETDR submission and other requirements must be completed by specific deadlines in order for students to graduate and participate in commencement with a designated term. Refer to the Deadlines for Graduation and ETDR Submission Checklists at the beginning of the term in which you intend to graduate to make a plan for completing all requirements on time. 


If you have questions on any aspect of your ETDR, start by utilizing the resources listed on the right side of this page. Additionally, help is available through the Graduate School and the Information Technology Help Desk. See Help and Contact Information to determine which office to contact for your specific question.

Need help formatting your ETDR? 

  1. Use the ETDR Formatting Checklist to make sure you follow all requirements.

  2. Review the ETDR tips for K-REx and ProQuest Submission sheet for help with common questions.

  3. Reference the ETDR Handbook and the Timesavers and Tools listed below for additional guidance.

  4. Still have questions? Submit an ETDR Request Form (requires K-State eID/password) to get Word and LaTeX formatting help by email, phone, face-to-face meeting, and Zoom web-conferencing.

Timesavers and Tools