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Graduate School

Graduate Course and Curriculum

The Graduate School has oversight of all graduate curricula.  Graduate School approval of new courses and curricula as well as modifications to existing graduate courses and curricula occurs after course and curriculum approvals have been obtained at the departmental and colleges levels.  These approval processes are detailed on the Office of the Restistrar's Course and Curriculum Approval page and are outlined below.

Course and curriculum changes follow either an expedited or non-expedited approval process. The expedited process should be used for changes to existing courses and curricula that will not impact other colleges. The Standard process should be used for all new courses and changes to existing curricula that will impact other colleges. Examples of changes that fall into each of these categories are detailed below.

Proposals for new graduate degree or certificate programs should use the Standard process.  In addition, we strongly encourage the proposing faculty to contact the Graduate School for assistance with proposal development and subsequent procedures.  See additional details and timeline for new program and certificate proposals.

Approved course or curriculum change/proposals that are submitted by the 10th of the month will be placed on the agenda for consideration by the Graduate Council Academic Affair's Committee in the same month. However, proposals submitted after the 10th of the month will be placed on the following month's agenda. 

Know the differences: Standard Course and Curriculum vs Expedited Course and Curriculum

Expedited Course and Curriculum

Expedited Process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Course number changes within the same level (LD = 0-299; UD = 300-699; GR1 = 700-899; and GR2 = 900-999).
  • Changes in description of the course to update it with current practices or terminology.
  • Change in course name based upon changes in current practices or terminology; course remains the same.
  • Change in term offered.
  • Change in credit hours.
  • Change in course subject (possibly due to department name change)
  • Change in course prerequisites
  • Deleting a course that is no longer offered?

Expedited process timeline

Standard Course and Curriculum

Standard Course number changes outside the current level.

  • Course description changes reflecting a “rewrite” in the curriculum for the department and the major.
  • Change in the course delivery method (lec, seminar, etc.)
  • Dividing a course into two or more courses.
  • Combining two or more courses into one course.
  • Deleting a course if it impacts students outside the college.
  • Adding a new course.
  • Adding a K-State 8 tag to a course (undergraduate only)

Standard process timeline

To help determine whether a change will require expedited or standard process view this decision tree.