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Student Guide to Help and Resources: One Stop Shop

Vice President for Student Life
Kansas State University
122 Anderson Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-0102



Kansas State University can help you stay healthy so that you can succeed in the classroom and beyond. The university offers many resources, including a health center and counseling services.

Health services

  • Manhattan campus: Lafene Health Center offers high-quality health care at a reasonable cost in a convenient location at 1105 Sunset Ave.
  • Polytechnic campus: The Salina area offers numerous options for health care providers.
  • Olathe campus: Olathe students should seek health care in the Greater KC community.


  • Manhattan campus: Counseling Services helps students who are dealing with such issues as stress, family concerns and relationships. Make an appointment today to get help.  
  • Manhattan campus: The K-State Family Center is a state-of-the-art therapy training/service center that provides high-quality, affordable individual, family, couple and group therapy for people living in the Manhattan area.
  • Polytechnic campus: Campus representatives serve students and connect them to Manhattan campus services and/or Salina-area resources as needed.
  • Olathe campus: Olathe students have access to the same Counseling Services resources as our Manhattan students.

Online resources promoting emotional wellness are also offered by Counseling Services and are available to all students, regardless of campus location. Check out the University Life Café to read the interactive blog and find wellness resources or browse through Counseling Service's resources on a variety of topics.

Support for survivors of sexual and domestic violence 

Support for students with disabilities

A broad range of supportive services for students with disabilities and those with temporary injuries are available through the Student Access Center. This center works to meet individual needs and serve as an advocate for each student, regardless of campus location. 

Child care

  • The Center for Child Development (CCD) on the Manhattan campus provides early childhood care and education programs for children of K-State students, faculty, staff and community families. The CCD enrolls children 6 weeks to 5 years of age year around, and includes a summer program for children 5-12 years of age. Please contact the center regarding early learning for your child at http://www.ttuu4.com/ccd.
  • The Hoeflin Stone House Early Childhood Education Center located on the Manhattan campus includes six classrooms with both part-day and full-day options for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Apply now for your child to participate in a full-day program or the Early Childhood Lab, a part-day program offered in the morning.