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Kansas State University ranks No. 1 in town-gown relations according to the Princeton Review's 2018 edition of  We invite you to find out more about our approach to building engagement and partnerships. 

Innovation and Economic Prosperity Designation

Kansas State University's engagement efforts have been recognized with the Innovation and Economic Prosperity designation from the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. The competitive designation process required an extensive self-study that identified strengths and areas of improvement.

K-State engagement and impact

At K-State, we take our mission of service and outreach seriously, always looking for opportunities that live up to our Carnegie designation and offer a mutually beneficial exchange, exploration and application of knowledge, information and resources. And the impact we have on our community is unmistakable; K-Staters are difference makers. 

Facts and figures

Community partnerships

K-State and the community created an integrated community program, known as, Knowledge Based Economic Development (KBED) and the Princeton Review recently ranked K-State fifth for great town-gown relations.