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Core Facilities, Centers, and Institutes

Kansas State University ensures our researchers and partners have the tools they need to solve global challenges. The university is home to more than 90 research centers, from the 3,487-hectare Konza tallgrass prairie to the Biosecurity Research Institute's focus on food safety. Explore our wide array of research facilities at all three Kansas State University campuses and our work across the state of Kansas through K-State Research and Extension.  

Core Facilities

Centers and Institutes

Regional Affiliations

BioNexus KC

BioNexus KC, formerly the Kansas City Area Life Sciences Institute, strives to advance the life sciences in the KC region through research, commercialization, and workforce development.

Animal Health Corridor

The Corridor, anchored by Manhattan, Kansas, and Columbia, Missouri, is home to more than 300 animal health companies, representing the largest concentration in the world.