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Research Highlights

Kansas State University has been a land-grant leader since 1863. Below are examples of some recent successes in research, scholarly, and creative activity and discovery.        

Building and Protecting Global Food Systems

Global food

Kansas State University is a leader in addressing global food system challenges. We are proud of our 150-year commitment to making the best use of resources and protecting our population. 

Find out about recent progress from our innovators in biodefense, crops, livestock, water resources, and much more.

Designing and Disseminating Better Health and Nutrition Practices

Health and nutritionKansas State University prioritizes a healthy society and workforce for all stages of life. Our focus on health and nutrition research, education, and policies promotes a healthier world. 

From sensory analysis to fighting skin cancer, our expertise is evident in many areas. 

Enabling Impactful Technologies

Technology and engineeringTechnology never stands still, and neither does Kansas State University. We invest in the nation’s future needs for reliable energy and resources, and we anticipate the physical and digital infrastructure necessary for next-generation technologies.

Our research, scholarly, and creative activity and discovery lead to inventions and innovations in diverse areas.

Enhancing Well-Being

Enhanced wellbeing

Kansas State University has played a key role in aiding local and global prosperity for more than 150 years. As the nation’s first land-grant university, we pioneer and prioritize education and outreach that improves lives and revitalizes communities.

K-State experts make life better, safer, richer, and cleaner by protecting citizens and helping them learn, grow, and understand themselves. 


Decoding Nature

BiosciencesKansas State University has a strong foundation and heritage of research that decodes nature. In addition to the areas mentioned above in global food systems, our faculty achieves international recognition for critical research. 

Basic research advances knowledge and innovation with broad applications in areas such as grassland ecology, laser-matter interactions, geosciences, and more.